High Gienic Oy has a long experience from project-oriented planning. In our use, we have the latest 3D-tools with Solid Works and Autocad Inventor. Jobs and projects are implementated noting the special needs of our customer and his country.

”High Gienic responds very adaptively to architects and planners needs, not sparing the durability.”

Planning material

Planning material contains permission photos from the next ensembles:

  • bases measure drawings (if needed)
  • facade examinations
  • indoor structure examinations
  • air condition photos
  • pipe photos
  • electric hotos
  • durability calculations (if needed).

Industry’s standards

Control systems for public toilet, radio-frequency, electromagnetic field immunity. EN61000-4-3:2006

Control systems for public toilet electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Generic standards. Immunity for residential, commercial and light-industrial environments. EN61000-6-1:2005

Toilet bow flushing quality and function. EN997

Protection against pollution of potable water installations. EN1717

Structure. EN1090

All of the components that we use are “CE” -marked and approved.

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