Have you ever wished public toilets and their toilet seats to be cleaner, more comfortable and more hygienic? We have probably all hoped for it at some point in our life. We, at High Gienic have found the solution for these problems.
High Gienic’s public toilets are designed to serve everyone of us, regardless of age, gender or disability. The structures are designed so that the toilet seat is wide enough to minimize the splashes and has very few dirt-collecting horizontal surfaces. The seat board goes down automatically and the automatic flushing takes better care of hygiene – it feels more comfortable for the following person to come in. The handles next to the seat guarantees the safety access also for the disabled people. As the High Gienic’s “ONE4ALL” name tells, it replaces even three separate public toilets.

Cleaning is efficient and fast with a minimum of dirt-collecting surfaces. In addition, stainless steel is strong and also resistant to vandalism, which keeps maintenance costs low. What also takes care of the low costs is the dispenser of flushing water, which identifies how much you need to let down the water after each toilet visit. The number of liters for electronic dispenser can also be changed if necessary, for example if the amount of the water need to be reduced or vice versa.

If the public toilets are for example market square toilets or park toilets and their heating costs are desired to be reduced, this can be done by lowering the basic heat inside the toilet, without affecting the comfort of use. High Gienic has developed a heated backrest that allows the seat contact’s skin-exposed surfaces to remain comfortably warm and ensure a comfortable experience even in a cooler environment. The solution increases energy efficiency and saves on electricity bills.

In the design of High Gienic’s public toilets, there has been paid special attention to easy care and maintenance and stainless steel as a material guarantees a long, carefree life cycle for the product. When the long life cycle comes to its end, the entire complex can be recycled, as stainless steel is 100% recyclable. At High Gienic, we stand for a greener life.

Why to choose High Gienic?

High Gienic is a total-economic complex. It saves water in its operations and it is made of stainless steel, which is a 100% recyclable material – hence High Gienic also is a more ecological choice. The High Gienic public toilet is easy to keep clean thanks to its small dirt-collecting surfaces and it only requires a minimal maintenance, since it is made of vandal-resistant material. In total, it replaces up to three traditional toilet units when it is suitable for everyone to use.

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