Public toilets are often perceived as dirty with an unpleasant smell. There is now a solution to this problem and all this automatically. HIGH GIENIC launches an automatic seat washer system that automatically washes the outer and inner surfaces of the toilet bowl, the seatboard, the walls near the toilet and the floor next to the toilet bowl automatically. HIGH GIENIC PREMIUM is an automatic seat wash system that reduces the need for cleaning and significantly improves the hygiene level of the toilet. PREMIUM solution to get “Cleaning costs down and hygiene level up”

Premium washing levels are three:

  • Quick wash, for approximately 1 minute, which starts with a switch.
  • Normal washing, for a duration of approximately 2 minutes, which starts automatically, e.g. after every fifth use.
  • Deep cleaning with a duration of 30 minutes. , which starts automatically, e.g . every night at 4 a.m.

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