In the design of High Gienic modules, special attention has been paid to the fact that the structures
are well resistant to vandalism and are easy to care for. Stainless steel ensures a long and low-
maintenance structure long into the future. Automatic floor flushing is available in modules.
Flushing the toilet sink starts automatically if the user has not done so. Automatic urinal flushing is
standard on all models. For all models, lighting is automatically controlled. Luminaires are powerful
Osram led lights with very long service life. All indoor lights turn off after the toilet has been
available for one minute. This increases both the lifespan of the lamps and reduces electricity


The toilets are equipped with limited operating time, which can be adjusted on site. When the
limited operating time is exceeded, the toilet will alert you three separate times, after which the
door lock will be automatically unlocked, and the toilet will be free of space. After that, in about a
minute, the lights go out and the toilet starts to generate a disturbing alarm sound inside the toilet
incase person have not left the toilet. The sound does not interfere outside the toilet, but effectively
prevents accommodation in the toilet. Switches and pictograms are backlighted to make it easier to
use the toilet.

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