A modules

Module A has been on the market since 1995. The A module became a classic at birth, which has now been widely copied by various toilet manufacturers as patents expire. The product is a small and compact solution where is everything what is required for the public toilet. Very large pool with very few dirt-accumulating horizontal surfaces. The solution helps the toilet to stay clean even between cleanings. The product is very suitable for uncontrolled sites in city centres where there is a need for a small toilet in a small space that is simple to use, quick to clean and durable. Cleaning the entire toilet with chemicals takes about 3 minutes. In addition to the large sink, module A has a seat that is always normally in the upright position. If the seat is to be used, the seat must be manually pulled into the lower position or in the automatic version by pressing a button. The toilet is Unisex type. The structure and surfaces of the product are designed in such a way that the toilet is very vandalism resistant. Module A is also available in a urinal version, where the toilet space is even smaller, and the pool is not equipped with a seat.




  • adjusting the toilet parameters in the destination, language english
  • maintenance of the toilet through the service door behind the toilet.


  • air heating
  • green roof
  • wooden façade
  • glass façade.
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