L Modules

The product is a small and compact alternative to the places that need accessible toilets. Meets
the ÖNORM requirements for public toilets. All technology has been brought into one wall element,
and the toilet can be serviced in its entirety from the service area. The structures of the toilet are
designed to during vandalism. The structure has very few dirt-accumulating horizontal surfaces.
The product is well suited for unsupervised sites in city centres where there is a need for an
accessible toilet that is simple to use, quick to clean and durable. All switches and pictograms
backlighted. The toilet is equipped with separate SOS push buttons, two heights. By pressing the
push button continuously for 3 seconds, the toilet alerts outsiders and, if necessary, a robotic
phone to the control center. In the case of an alarm, the door lock is released. The toilet settles in
normal mode when the door is opened.




  • Adjusting the toilet parameters in the destination, language English
  • Maintenance of the toilet through the service door outside the toilet.
  • Clothes hooks at 2 heights


  • Air heating
  • Green roof
  • Wooden façade
  • Glass façade
  • Baby care table

The toilet can be adapted to a PREMIUM model that provides
“Hygiene level up and cleaning costs down”

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