The L2A module is suitable for applications with a multiple need for public toilet capacity and yet limited available space. The toilet doors open in one direction and the service door is located inside the L toilet, through which access to the service area is accessible. The façade of the toilet for surfaces is available and can be implemented according to the architectural designs. The building is well suited for tight sites in an urban environment.




  • adjusting the toilet parameters in the destination, language english
  • one accessible L2 module and one module A or S
  • maintenance of the toilet through the service area inside the L toilet
  • the module meets the ÖNORM requirements for public toilets
  • clothes hooks at two heights.


  • air heating
  • green roof
  • wooden façade
  • glass façade
  • HPL façade
  • baby care table.

The toilet can be adapted to a PREMIUM model that provides “Hygiene level up and cleaning costs down”

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