S + Shower

The toilet is well suited for places where there is a need for showers and toilets. These include guest harbours, truck parks, campsites. The shower module has a rotating wall element with a seat, 4 clothes hooks and a storage space for shoes. The shower element wall can be turned by hand onto another wall, behind which a shower and a push-button for water are coming visible. The water temperature is set to suit the user and the water consumption is controlled by automation. Despite the small size of the shower module, it is quite spacious, guaranteeing the large user sufficient room for a pleasant warm shower. Clothes and shoes are protected throughout the shower behind the rotating wall element, from which they are comfortable to turn on after showering. The façade of the toilet for surfaces is available and can be implemented according to the site-specific architectural designs. The building is well suited for tight sites in an urban environment.




  • adjusting the toilet parameters in the destination, language english
  • shower module and module S
  • maintenance of the toilet through the maintenance room at the back.


  • air heating
  • green roof
  • wooden façade
  • HPL façade
  • glass façade.

A upcoming toilet solution with the S model adaptable to a PREMIUM model that provides “Hygiene level up and cleaning costs down”.

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