Door element

The door element is made entirely of 2 mm thick stainless steel. As standard surface quality, the door is supplied with a brushed steel surface. The door is locked with a secure magnetic lock. The door is supplied with a separate emergency light that lights up inside the toilet in case of power failures. A free/busy display is located at the top outside the door. The display shows a green O or red X. The door shutter is located in the door structures and does not have visible breakable shutter arms. The locking is automatically done either with a motion sensor or from the inside push button. The door element meets the DIN or ÖNORM requirements of public toilets. If necessary, the door can be locked mechanically, allowing the toilet to hibernate and all lights out. Manual locking does not effect to the heating. In case of disturbances, the door can be opened from outside the door with a key.




  • manual door shutter with no visible shutter arm
  • door leaf isolation thickness: about 60 mm
  • patented automatic door opening and shutter
  • limited operating time, adjustable per door 2 min–1 hour
  • battery-emergency light in case of power failures
  • magnetic locking
  • manual locking, in which the toilet automatically enters sleep mode.


  • night lighting controlled by a twilight sensor
  • the door can be equipped with easy move, where grabbing the door handle on the outside releases the door lock when the toilet is free and automatic door opening will be automatically activated to follow the movement of the door
  • SOS for emergency situations is located in the door frame at the floor boundary
  • the door can be equipped for a fee. Payment is made either by coins or by payment card. Mobile pay Apple pay and Samsung pay are also accepted as payment methods.
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