ONE4ALL No 1 element:

Large stainless steel toilet bowl with no horizontal surfaces to get dirty. The product is designed to cover a wide range of users, regardless of gender, age, or disabled. This unit does not need a separate service room, maintenance will be carried out inside toilet. The product complies with DIN and ÖNORM standards. The seat cover is always automatically upper position near the back wall. The feature keeps the seat surface clean for much longer than normal. The seat is very resistant to vandalism. Weight balanced hand rails provide for disabled guests light usage. The material strength of the railing is 2mm, which is the strongest on the market. ONE4ALL element has a wide range of options available, and is able to meet the individual requirements of customers.




High Gienic ONE4ALL add in:

  • electronic seat movement control, adjustable
  • thermostat controlled seat heating, adjustable
  • automatic urinal flushing adjustable from 1 to 3 l
  • automatic normal flushing adjustable from 3 to 7 l
  • bathroom lighting control with motion detector, adjustable
  • hand and seat disinfection module, adjustable
  • ventilation control, adjustable time
  • intelligent ventilation
  • connections to other elements of the toilet, such as door, hand wash and automatic floor flushing
  • red led illuminated SOS buttons, with line out for example to robot phone or buzzer.
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