ONE4ALL element

All structures are made of stainless steel. The ONE4ALL seat has a very large stainless-steel toilet bowl. There are no dirt-accumulating horizontal surfaces in the toilet pool. This will help the toilet to stay cleaner and extend the interval between cleanings. The ONE4ALL element has very vandalism-resistant swiving railings The seat automatically returns to the basic vertical position after use. Urinal flushing saves water consumption and one flush consumes about 1 L of water. Flushing can be adjusted on site with control panel. Available languages are Finish, German and English. Switches and pictograms are backlighted. This makes it easier for the user to observe the location and operation of the switches. ONE4ALL meets the Europa DIN or ÖNORM requirements.




  • electric or manual seat motion control
  • automatic urinal flushing, adjustable 1–3 l
  • automatic toilet bowl flushing, adjustable 3–7 l
  • toilet lighting motion sensor control, adjustable
  • ventilation control with adjustable after-running time
  • connections to other elements of the toilet, such as door, hand washing and automatic floor flushing.


  • thermostatically controlled seat heating 135 W, adjustable
  • thermostat controlled air heating.
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