Public toilets are subject to a significant cleaning cost, which are typically approximately 80 % higher than the purchase cost of the toilet during the life cycle. High Gienic is launching a patented PREMIUM solution that takes automatic cleaning to a new level. PREMIUM automatically cleans the surroundings of the toilet bowl and cleaning only applies to those areas where there is greatest need, i.e. all surfaces of the toilet bowl, the seat board, walls and floor surfaces near the toilet. Automatic cleaning is directed specifically at those areas that usually cause odor damage. PREMIUM solution for cleaning targets those areas that make the toilet odorless and all this automatically. There are three washing options; Quick wash, which starts from outside the toilet by pressing a button and cleaning takes 1 minute. Basic washing that starts at the desired time, for example after every third use. Washing takes 2 minutes. Basic washing will not be turned on if there is a queue outside the toilet. In a queue situation, quick cleaning can be done if the user so wishes, for example for a fee. Deep cleaning, which starts at the desired intervals, for example

once a night, at 4AM and lasts about 30 minutes. During deep cleaning, the seat element dissolves dirt away, washes the seat chemically clean and disinfects at the end. PREMIUM enables significantly lower fixed operating costs and an increase in hygiene levels, and all this automatically! The repayment period of the investment is 2–3 years.




  • automatic cleaning for the seating board, toilet bowl, nearby walls and floors.
  • quick wash 1 min, water consumption 20 l
  • normal washing 2 min, water consumption 40 l
  • drying two-step of which first phase the consumption is 800 W and second phase the consumption is 400 W. Duration of drying approx. 30 seconds
  • deep cleaning at night 30 min, with water consumption 80 L and drying 800 W for 40 seconds. Deep cleaning with chemical
  • quick wash and normal washing of cold water
  • drying the washing area
  • disinfection with ultraviolet light.

“Hygiene level up and cleaning costs down”.

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